Cole Sprouse unveils the scary teaser of his Borrasca podcast!


In his Instagram account story, Cole Sprouse shared a photo where he unveiled Borrasca’s scary teaser. His fans can’t wait!

While on the couple side everything seems rather complicated for Cole Sprouse, project level, the latter does not lack ideas. Indeed, he will soon head the new series called Borrasca. His fans are already looking forward to seeing him in a new register.

For years, Cole Sprouse has been the star of Riverdale. But like all actors, he needs new things. It was in Borrasca that he found a springboard. And this far, from his ex darling Lili Reinhart.

According to several rumors, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have indeed decided to end their relationship. In a question and answer, Skeet Ulrich spoke of the couple in the past. Far from being let down, the young man continues his life.

This Monday, May 18, the actor also posted a new photo in Story of his Instagram account. The young man unveiled the podcast series he made with the writer of “The Haunting of Hill House”: Borrasca. The latter will consist of eight episodes according to Deadline.

Rebecca Klingel, the creator of the series, also revealed about the story: “The podcast will follow Sam Walker (editor’s note: alias Cole Sprouse), whose parents move him and his sister to the picturesque mountain town from Drisking, Missouri “.

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The one who worked with Cole Sprouse also added, “It quickly becomes clear that there may be more in the city than what they can see on the surface. When his sister suddenly disappears, Sam becomes obsessed with the unraveling of local traditions, the rites. ”

Finally, she also concluded: “And the juvenile legends which take on an entirely new and somber meaning. As more and more adolescents continue to disappear. ” This podcast series will be available from May 25 on Netflix.


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