Cole Sprouse under Jennifer Aniston in the past!


As a teenager, Cole Sprouse was deeply in love with American actress Jennifer Aniston, much older than him.

As a child, Cole Sprouse played the role of Ben in the Friends series. The actor played with Jennifer Aniston, who already made his heart capsize despite her young age.

Who has never fantasized about Jennifer Aniston? Back then, the whole world dreamed of having a love affair with the pretty blonde.

Indeed, the one who lent her features to Rachel Zane in the Friends series has always capsized hearts. Her beauty has never left anyone indifferent.

Even less Cole Sprouse, who also succumbed to his charm. When he was still just a child, the actor played the role of Ben on the American show.

So Ross’s son. Thus, the person concerned would rinse his eye every time he shot a series for Friends. It’s simple, he had a crush on her.

However, Cole Sprouse took years to reveal it to the general public. The Riverdale star, which aired on Netflix, couldn’t keep it to himself anymore.

“It was really hard working with Jennifer Aniston because I was madly in love with her,” he told our colleagues at the New York Post.


However, Cole Sprouse did not stop at this simple confidence. Indeed, Dylan’s twin took the opportunity to reveal his filming difficulties.

While the pretty blonde intimidated him, the actor couldn’t play anymore. “I was so crazy, speechless. I stammered, I forgot my text, I had big blanks … ”

To which Cole Sprouse added: “It was really tough. “That the actor is reassured, his stress is not perceived at all in the episodes of Friends.


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