Cole Sprouse thinks coronavirus will affect series couples


There should be a change when the playoffs return. Cole Sprouse also thinks that the coronavirus will affect romantic relationships in season 5 of Riverdale.

Season 4 of Riverdale has been shortened due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the season ended with episode 19 (instead of the 22 originally planned). Certain intrigues could not be tackled such as the prom, the graduation and the identity of the sender of the VHS tapes. However, these subjects will be present in season 5 of Riverdale and breaks are also expected. Moreover, it could be that season 5 of Riverdale is a different complement in terms of romantic relationships. Cole Sprouse hinted that love stories would be affected by the coronavirus epidemic in future episodes.

Riverdale might look very different when the series returns for season 5 in 2021. The coronavirus is expected to have a significant impact on production. In an interview with AP Entertainment , Cole Sprouse explained how he thinks things will change when the filming of Riverdale resumes : ” Our series is the exact type of section that will be looked at closely depending on how things will change technically, “he said, explaining that he thought” the nature of the romantic scenes would surely change. ” . It could therefore be that there is no more kiss between Bughead or Varchie anytime soon … For the moment, all of this is still rather vague but until we know more,find out if Cole Sprouse could leave Riverdale.

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