Cole Sprouse teases the sequel to his series of horrific podcasts!


Cole Sprouse embarked on a new project during containment. The actor plans to release a series of horrific podcasts!

Cole Sprouse has been confined to his home for several weeks. The actor has decided to release a series of horrific podcasts for his fans.

For more than two months, the Covid-19 has been raging all over the world. People have to limit their trips and this has had an impact on the filming of series and films.

Thus, Cole Sprouse had to leave aside the filming and fans of Riverdale could not see the last episodes of season 4. They will have to be patient before seeing Jughead and the other young heroes.

For his part, the actor was left home alone. Indeed, there seems to be water in the gas between him and Lili Reinhart. There are even rumors that they have broken up. Nevertheless, Cole is not let down and there are some activities.

Cole Sprouse worked during confinement and he appears to have been somewhat inspired. Indeed, he is going to release a series of horrific podcasts and he seems happy with this new project.

The Riverdale actor wants to be drawn to horror stories. So during the confinement, Cole Sprouse set up a project with Rebecca Klingel, the writer behind The Haunting of Hill House.

They will tell a story called “Borrasca” and it will be a series of podcasts of eight episodes broadcast on Apple Podcasts.

In this podcast, Cole puts himself in the shoes of Sam Walker, who moves with his parents to a small town in Missouri. However, one day, her sister suddenly disappears and Sam delves into local traditions.

“So for those who like their dark pasta late at night. Those who are desperately trying to fall asleep in existential terrors, should know the story of Borrasca “said Cole Sprouse on Instagram.

The first episode of his podcast series arrives tonight on Apple. Many fans of the Riverdale actor should be there to support him. However, Cole recalls that this series is for an informed audience.


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