Cole Sprouse: he slapped a man with wandering hands!


Cole Sprouse is very unhappy! He did not hesitate to defend a friend who was touched! So he slapped a man with wandering hands!

Monday, May 25, George Floyd died. The African American was killed by four police officers during his arrest. The whole world therefore cries out for injustice.

And for good reason ! The video filmed live on Facebook Live has therefore toured social networks. Many people therefore decided to demonstrate.

Several big stars have therefore joined American citizens to demand justice and truth! Among them, Sophia Bush, Lana Del Rey. Or Cole Sprouse.

All of them therefore marched together against racism. All support the Black Lives Matter. Cole Sprouse is very committed. Whether on the street or on social networks, he always fights against racial inequalities.

And this has always been the case! His fight for justice is strong and powerful. He therefore participated in several events in his youth. Only here … In one of them, while protesting with friends, he experienced a situation more than delicate.


And for good reason ! One of her friends was touched by a stranger. Something that annoyed Cole Sprouse!

This is what a jeweler named Channy Dang said on her Twitter account. A former friend of the person concerned.

“I remember, I went to New York University and he slapped this white guy badly slapping my buddy. I always knew he was a good person ”

Eh yes ! You do not dream ! Cole Sprouse slapped the man with the hands a little too much! What a brave man is not he!

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One thing is certain! This anecdote is widely validated by Internet users. Many have therefore praised his courage.


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