Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) looks a lot like his parents!


Fans will soon be seeing Cole Sprouse again in Season 5 of Riverdale. The actor shared a photo of his parents on Instagram.

In a few days, Riverdale fans will be able to reunite with Cole Sprouse in Season 5. The actor has revealed a photo of his parents and he looks like two drops of water.

Cole Sprouse is the spitting image of his parents. The actor first came to prominence when he was still very young with his twin brother Dylan. Indeed, the latter played for Disney in The Palace Life of Zack and Cody. So, from an early age, they were immersed in show business.

Nonetheless, Cole and Dylan remained low-key for several years and moved away from the sets. The actor made his comeback just over five years ago on the Riverdale series. For several years now, Lili Reinhart’s ex has been putting himself in Jughead’s shoes.

Cole Sprouse is therefore very successful. In fact, fans will be able to see him again in Season 5 on January 21. The actor can’t wait for audiences to experience the new episodes, which are shaping up to be intense.

While waiting for Riverdale to arrive, Dylan’s brother surprised his fans. On Instagram, he proved to everyone that he looks a lot like his parents.


Cole Sprouse talks very little about his private life and keeps a low profile despite having 33.7 million Instagram followers. However, this Friday, January 8, he made a little surprise to his fans on the social network.

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The actor uploaded an old photo of his mom and dad. To the left of the photo, we see his father in a leather jacket with blue eyes and light brown hair. He smiles towards the camera and has Cole’s same features.

Then, to the right of the photo, fans can check out Cole Sprouse’s mom. She is very pretty with her hazel eyes and the actor is a “perfect mix” of her parents. Fans took notice and were even shocked at the striking resemblance.

“You are the perfect mixture of the two,” wrote one fan. “Everyone in this family is good looking,” wrote another fan. So the photo of Cole and Dylan’s parents was unanimous!


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