Cole Sprouse reveals his talents as a photographer with a new photo!


Cole Sprouse has once again revealed his talents as a photographer by posting a sublime black and white photo on Instagram

All Cole Sprouse fans know this. The latter is not only a good actor. Indeed he also manages as a photographer and has been proving it for several years. He just did it again thanks to his new Instagram post.

Because yes, the other passion of Lili Reinhart’s darling turns out to be photography. This does not date from yesterday. Fans who have followed him since Riverdale’s debut have already discovered his sublime shots taken on the set. But also the others, made during his travels around the world.

Cole Sprouse even opened an Instagram account related to photography. On the other hand, it is not an artistic account since it “simply” posts the photos taken by its fans without its knowledge.

A slightly parody account, you will understand. However, despite his humor, the young actor does have a talent as we let you know.

This is why, on his real Insta account, Cole Sprouse reveals his passion with his subscribers, when he can. Proof of this is with his last picture that we invite you to discover further down in this article.


“A simple photo of a few trees with this new Orwellian dystopia filter. Here is the legend used by the actor to present his last post.

A black and white shot of a forest under a clear and cloudy sky. This is the last photo posted by Cole Sprouse on his Instagram account. An artistic photo which shows that he really fell in love with “black and white”.

Indeed, still on his account, we can see that most of his last shots are, too, in black and white. A filter often validated and used by users of the app. It must be said that these two “colors” often hide the flaws and highlight.

Cole Sprouse seems to think so too as he keeps using this filter. In any case, in black, in white, or in color, it is clear that the actor has a certain talent for photography.


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