Cole Sprouse reveals Borrasca trailer, meets his new …


Cole Sprouse will bring ‘Sam Walker’ to life in ‘Borrasca’, a new mystery and horror podcast soon to be released.

Since the recordings of the fifth season of ‘Riverdale’ have stopped due to health measures to avoid COVID-19 infections, the former Disney boy is enjoying free time. The actor has taken advantage of these days to delve into another project.

Apparently Cole Sprouse has a particular taste for working on content with mystery stories, the actor is excited for the upcoming release of ‘Borrasca’, a horror story.

‘Borrasca’ is a podcast written by Rebecca Klingel, author of the series ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ or ‘The Curse of Hill House’ launched in 2018 on the Netflix platform, Cole Sprouse with this new project enters the world of production and will also give life to ‘Sam Walker’, the protagonist of the plot.

Klingel published ‘Borrasca’ in the ‘No Sleep’ forum of the Reddit social network in 2015, immediately the novel caught the suspense-loving readers, which made the important director Mike Flanagan propose to the writer to work with him .

Throughout 8 chapters, ‘Borrasca’ will narrate the mysterious disappearance of some children in the town of Drisking, Missouri, United States; Sam, Kyle and Kimber will try to figure out what has happened to the people who don’t seem like it and their connection to a strange house.

On YouTube you can listen to the terrifying official trailer of ‘Borrasca’, the clip has more than 8,000 views. You will be able to enjoy the first episode of ‘Borrasca’ on May 25 through the QCode application.


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