Cole Sprouse returns to his old look taking pictures!


For some time now, Cole Sprouse has been playing it bearded. However, the actor decided to make a radical change by cutting his beard!

No more beards for Cole Sprouse, then! But what did he take from him? The handsome Riverdale actor wanted to return to his old-fashioned look. This, despite the fact that some of his fans adored him that way.

Cole Sprouse makes himself look like a twink again. The young man known with his twin brother in The Palace Life of Zack and Cody has searched a lot for himself.

No wonder he wanted to make himself look more manly by growing a beard. One thing that has surprised more than one.

With confinement, it must be said, you don’t necessarily have time to trim your beard. So some cut it very short, while others leave it fallow.

Eight months ago, he let himself grow a nice be-bar as we say in the jargon. A style a little neglected for some …

We can say that his clean look disappeared when he changed his look. So did Cole Sprouse want to move on and give himself a new image?


Either way, the young man seems to want to go back to his old style. Evidenced by his latest Instagram story.

Cole Sprouse then reveals himself hairless, as he was then, resuming his air of a well-behaved young man. His green eyes have in any case enough to melt his fan club.

The photo is from the account of Davis Bates, a photographer based in Los Angeles. He wanted to immortalize a shot of the handsome kid without his beard.

On it, Cole Sprouse holds a Polaroid in his hands, staring intently at the lens. A pretty setting in abyss in itself, which pays homage to the brother of Dylan Sprouse.


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