Cole Sprouse ready to make a comeback in Palace Life?


Could Cole Sprouse make a comeback in “The Palace Life of Zack and Cody”? Cole Sprouse has performed brilliantly in the past in “The Palace Life of Zack and Cody”. This Tuesday, January 19 during an interview for “The Drew Barrymore show”, the star also lifted the veil on her return to famous fiction.

At just 28 years old, Cole Sprouse already has a very successful career behind him. He is also one of the most talented actors of his generation.

If the actor was born in Italy, it was indeed in the United States that he grew up. Very young, his grandmother pushes the parents of the young man to make him pass castings. Just like his twin brother named Dylan.

The 4-month-old duo audition quite a bit to appear in commercials and feature films. Very often, producers call on them simultaneously for multiple projects.

In 1993, Dylan and Cole Sprouse both turn in the sitcom “Grace Under Fire” (Editor’s note: A formidable mother). Then the singer of “Jughead Jones” will also star in the series “Friends”.

Talented, the ex of Lili Reinhart will then appear in many films. Like “Big Daddy” (Ed’s version of: Funny father). But also: “The Master of Disguise” (Editor’s note vf version: the master of disguise).

To this day, if his fans adore his acting in the series “Riverdale”, it is mainly thanks to the fiction “The palace life of Zack and Cody” that he simply burst the screen with his brother Dylan!


This Tuesday, January 19, Cole Sprouse was also the guest of the “Drew Barrymore Show”. Without filter, the little girl of John Barrymore asked him his opinion on the reboot of “Sex and The City”.

While the comedian welcomes the idea, he’s not really excited about playing some of his old roles again. “I get asked all the time if Dylan (Editor’s note: his twin brother) and I are going to do a reboot of ‘Zack and Cody’s palace life'”, the actor said, amused.

And also to conclude: “I answer‘ No absolutely not “”. The answer is clear!

Cole Sprouse has completely moved on! Nevertheless, he understands that these projects can rekindle the nostalgia of his admirers.

May his community be reassured, she will be able to find him in the new season of “Riverdale”.

This long-awaited season 5 promises to be full of twists and turns. As a reminder, the filming of the famous saga had taken a lot of delay because of the pandemic!


As with any respectable series, spoilers are never welcome. However, extracts from the new season of “Riverdale” broadcast on the Web have made Internet users happy.

In a sequence unveiled by the CW channel, we could see that the beautiful Betty Cooper accompanied Jughead Jones to their high school prom. The duo have also shown themselves to be ultra complicit during the festivities.

This season 5 will therefore be the season of all the changes for many characters. In the 4th episode remember that you will find Archie or even Betty (to name a few) 7 years later. We look forward !


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