Cole Sprouse: Marvel characters that fit him!


Actor Cole Sprouse could very well embody these Marvel characters! We give you more details. We can imagine Cole Sprouse playing these 5 Marvel characters!

Actor Cole Sprouse has become a true star of his generation in his field. The young man is indeed the starlet of the series Riverdale.

The young actor indeed plays the role of Jughead in the famous drama series. Besides, it should be noted that the young man has a successful acting career to his credit.

And this despite his young age. Indeed the beautiful brown started very early. In fact, he even starred in Friends when he was just a child!

Since then, he has had a series of other roles in series. An experience that is very beneficial to him today. Indeed the young actor can thus hope to receive large salaries on his appearances.

We know, for example, that he gets paid $ 40,000 for an episode in Riverdale! On the other hand, some fans imagine him playing in a Marvel Universe movie.

Indeed, many think that the beautiful brunette would be perfect to embody certain characters. In films where the heroes are at war to do good or evil, the young man could well find his place.

But what characters could he play? We asked ourselves the question and chose 5 characters for you that Cole Sprouse could play and that would suit him perfectly! We tell you more.


So Cole Sprouse might be perfect to play the role of Beyonder. This is a cosmic entity in the Marvel Universe.

Born in the afterlife, this character can manipulate energy, matter and reality. The character is evil incarnate! And we really think the handsome actor would be perfect for the role.

Also, you can imagine him as Legion, the anti-hero of the Marvel Universe. This one has as power: telepathy, teleportation and time travel.

He is also very well known to fans of the X-Men saga. Here the actor would be perfect to play the role of this unstable hero.

We can also imagine the actor in the role of the Human Torch. Here we would therefore see him in the shoes of a more dynamic character.

Cole Sprouse might as well play Wiccan. This character has a twin brother, as does the actor. So why not think of the Sprouse brothers for that.

Finally, the young actor would also be perfect for the role of Space Turnip. Here again, we think the actor would be perfect to play the part of a half-human, half-alien villain.

So, would the young actor be able to take on one of those Marvel superhero roles if the opportunity arose? Anyway, we think he would have every chance! Case to be continued.


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