Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart reconciled during confinement?


While rumors suggest they are no longer together, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart see each other during confinement. What about the relationship between Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart? Are the two lovebirds still cold? What is certain is that they continue to see each other during confinement.

For the past few months, Cole Sprouse has been the target of all critics. Indeed, when he was in a relationship with Lili Reinhart, he would have cheated on him!

The young man was therefore charged with infidelity. But Lili Reinhart was quick to defend him by posting a long message on social media.

However, the actress does not seem to be on top form! Internet users have even noticed that she was quite sad. She was therefore seen in search of new accommodation during confinement.

For his fans, there is no doubt! The young woman is trying to get away from the beautiful brown. Especially since on her last photo posted in her Instagram story, the pretty blonde therefore admitted that she was anxious.

So who is to blame ? Internet users no longer understand much about it … And they no longer dare to attack Cole Sprouse!

But fear not! It would seem that the interpreters of Betty and Jughead in the Riverdale series are therefore rabiboché!

And for good reason ! The two lovers would spend a lot of time together. And this, despite this period of confinement!

While Lili Reinhart posts her pretty photos in a field of poppies, Cole Sprouse appears with the same flower in her ear.

And this, in his Instagram story! Internet users therefore have no doubts, they are good together!

One thing is certain! They are really very discreet. And it must be said that they are totally right! Because after all, to live happily, it is better to live hidden, isn’t it!


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