Cole Sprouse: Lili Reinhart never played in Riverdale!


In an interview, Lili Reinhart opened up about Riverdale. Cole Sprouse’s ex almost never played in the series!

While Lili Reinhart is a true mainstay in Riverdale, she almost never starred in the series. Indeed, Cole Sprouse’s ex hadn’t interested the writers at the very beginning. Fortunately, they have changed their minds.

This Tuesday, January 12, Lili Reinhart was the guest of Stephen Colbert in The Late Show. During this interview, she gave some info about her role in Riverdale. Unlike Cole Sprouse, she never should have played on the show.

Initially, Lili Reinhart confided that she had auditioned by means of a videotape, made at her home. The ex of Cole Sprouse then explained, “I self-checked in from home and I was told no.”

The young woman also added, “They weren’t interested. They didn’t want me. So I was like, okay, I just got on with my life. ” Quite surprising revelations. But that’s not all.


Lili Reinhart told W magazine in 2017. She explained that other than Cole Sprouse aka Jughead Jones, most of the cast in Riverdale had failed the first time around.

The ex Cole Sprouse also explained a few years ago about his videotape, “I sent it, and it wasn’t the girl. That doesn’t surprise me, because I was in a place of myself * from when I recorded this. ”

On The Late Show, the actress also revealed that she had never done a high school ball in her life. She revealed, “Unfortunately, I started online school at 16 so I could focus on acting.”

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Cole Sprouse’s ex also said, “I’ve seen all my friends go to prom from afar. I wasn’t too angry “.

She concluded, “Because I thought to myself that I was going to have a lot of opportunities to wear nice dress clothes on red carpets. And luckily it happened “.


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