Cole Sprouse about to leave Riverdale series?


Since his recent separation from Lili Reinhart, Riverdale fans have been worried that Cole Sprouse would throw in the towel and leave the series!

Fans of the Riverdale series are in a panic! Indeed, they are afraid that Cole Sprouse (Jughead) leaves the show … Somag News tells you more!

Since the separation of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, Riverdale fans have wondered if this will have an impact on the next season! Indeed, the two actors embody a couple in the series … So, the fans hope that this will have no repercussions!

It must be said that the next season promises to be unexpected to say the least! Indeed, this new component has lots of surprises in store for the simple reason that a good 5-year pass will take place … The opportunity to see how each character has evolved!

So fans of the series still hope to find their favorite actor, Cole Sprouse! The latter has also expressed his future in the show!


For Cole Sprouse, rumors don’t really have to be! Indeed, the latter already knows the answer to the question! Thus, he intends to continue to be part of the cast of the Riverdale series as long as it takes!

The actor had also explained to our colleagues at Variety’s Live that he could not see himself leaving a series in which he enjoyed playing so much! “For me, as long as the series in which I work is one in which I continue to have fun and work with my closest friends … It is a privilege to be an actor!”

Cole Sprouse added. I could sit and contemplate it in the face (and you can laugh at yourself and criticize what you worked for), but I think it’s incredibly pretentious and ignorant to watch something you’re happy to do. to have and to say to you “I stop”.

Let the fans of Riverdale and Jughead be reassured… Cole Sprousse does not intend to abandon his character anytime soon!