Cole Sprouse: How Much He Earns With Riverdale?


How much did young actor Cole Sprouse earn in the famous series Riverdale? We give you more details. How much did Cole Sprouse touch in the Riverdale series?

Cole Sprouse is the star of the famous series Riverdale! In fact, the series has 4 seasons and a 5th is on the way.

It must be said that the show is a real success with young people. Besides, the cast of the series became very famous thanks to the show.

Among them, Cole Sprouse. The latter plays the role of Jughead Jones in the drama series.

In the series, her character is in a relationship with Betty Cooper. You should know that Lili Reinhart, his interpreter was also his girlfriend in life!

Indeed, the two young artists have been in a relationship for 2 years. They recently separated.

Thus, the young actor plays one of the main roles of the series. And it must be said that his role also offers him a very good salary! We tell you everything.


So how much did the young actor earn from the Riverdale series? Well know that Cole Sprouse was enjoying a very good salary.

This would run up to $ 40,000 per episode! Just that.

It should be noted that Cole Sprouse also has a very successful acting career, despite his young age! Indeed the young actor started when he was only a child.

He has appeared in shows like Friends or The Cruising Life of Zack and Cody. But he also landed roles in films.

So that makes him a real star in the field. And to be able to afford the actor in his production, you have to have the budget!

Today the young man’s fortune is estimated at $ 8 million! Just that.

You should know that in addition to being an actor, the young man is also a photographer. It therefore touches a bit of everything!


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