Cole Sprouse: his ex Lili Reinhart is in deep mourning!


Cole Sprouse’s ex Lili Reinhart is in mourning. The Riverdale actress faces the death of her grandfather. Cole Sprouse’s ex-girlfriend is in mourning. Lili Reinhart has been living dark days since the death of her grandfather and opens up on Instagram.

Cole Sprouse’s ex-girlfriend is in dire straits. A few years ago, the actor met Lili Reinhart on the set of Riverdale. The two stars got along very quickly and wanted to give their story a chance.

So they dated and took a while to formalize. Lili and Dylan Sprouse’s brother didn’t want to be harassed by fans of the show or the media. However, they were increasingly close on social networks.

It was during the first lockdown that fans learned of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart’s breakup. Betty’s interpreter has deleted many photos of her with the actor. Then, they ended up announcing their separation.

A test which was therefore very difficult for Lili. The actress spoke about her state of mind via Instagram and released a collection of poems. While she seemed to be better, she has to face a new drama in her life.


Riverdale fans will be able to find Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse very soon. Netflix is ​​set to release the new season of the teen series. For her part, the actress is not in top form and is facing grief.

A few days ago, the actress lost a loved one. Indeed, she had to say goodbye to her grandfather to whom she was very close. Then, Due to Covid-19, ex-sweetheart Cole Sprouse cannot be present for his family and sees it very badly.

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“A few days ago, I lost my grandfather. It broke my heart, not being able to be with my family during this time as we are living this loss, ”she said on Instagram while revealing an old photo of her grandfather.

Despite this difficult ordeal, Lili Reinhart wants to keep only good memories. So she remembers him “falling asleep in front of the TV during a western”. Then, she seems very inspired by the love story of her grandpa and grandma.


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