Cole Sprouse has a new girlfriend

Cole Sprouse as a couple again? It seems that the handsome brunette has a new girlfriend … She is a young model. Warning Cole Sprouse has a new girlfriend ! Lili Reinhart fans may run into her …

The canvas begins to ignite! Indeed, Dylan’s twin would have found love again ! However, even if he has the right, the fans often put their right of veto ! Ouch!

Thus, Cole Sprouse could have the right to the anger of those who adored the couple he formed with Lili Reinhart … It’s hard to be a celebrity!

And it is not Justin Bieber, Zac Efron or Brad Pitt who will say the opposite ! Indeed, the latter have experienced complicated ruptures because of their fans …

And the latter do not let go even after several years. The famous Brad suffered again a few months ago …

Indeed, these fans wanted to see him again with Jennifer Aniston… However, it has been more than 10 years since they ended their relationship !

In short, Cole Sprouse has thus not heard the last of his relationship with Lili Reinhart … Read on!


The Riverdale star was seen in lovely company this weekend. Indeed, he had dinner with Reina Silva, a young model he took a picture for her Instagram !

If a friendship can explain this face to face, their proximity makes doubt possible . Eh yes ! During this moment for two, the beautiful brunette passed her hands under Cole Sprouse’s jacket , while the latter kissed her tenderly on the cheek …

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Add to that the fact that it is already present on the Insta du beau brun… In short, only those concerned know the truth !

While waiting to learn more about this potential couple , we hope that the fans will not annoy Cole Sprouse and his new girlfriend too much …

They adored his relationship with Lili !



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