Cole Sprouse has a new girlfriend?


The separation of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart has brought several changes in their lives beyond the fracture in their love relationship, it is then that Jessica appeared as a new character between them, we will tell you who this girl is.

Lili and Cole’s romance faced several ups and downs where rumors from fans announced a possible separation, but a few months ago the couple finally confirmed that they were over. Now that the Riverdale shootings have started once again, the actors reunited on set, what will happen to their relationship?

When an actor who is also part of the Riverdale cast revealed that Cole and Lili had separated, it was also said that the distance could be doing its thing and that probably when they share time together again in the production they would also resume their relationship.

But the couple may not have the easy way out, as there will be a new girl involved. Cole and Lili might not have much time together on screen in the new season of Riverdale and we will tell you why.

After the fourth season of Riverdale ended early, the production team pointed out the possibility that the story had a timeskip, so many things that would change in the plot.

One of them is the relationship between Betty and Jughead, since everything seems to indicate that these boys will no longer maintain an affective bond as characters in the series.

Also, it is said that the Riverdale production has been doing some castings for new characters, one of them is Jessica, who will be the new romantic interest of Jughead, the character played by Cole Sprouse.

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Who could be Jessica? Producer Roberto Aguirre has begun to follow Dove Cameron on his Instagram account, which has raised suspicions that he could be in charge of playing this new character.

Do you know what Cole Sprouse’s next projects are? This actor will be part of the film Blood Ties with Kiernan Shipka and we will tell you the details of this story.


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