Cole Sprouse: Ex-girlfriend Lili Reinhart reveals her dogs!


In Story of her Instagram account, Lili Reinhart shared an adorable photo. Cole Sprouse’s ex presented all of his dogs to fans!

For several months now, Lili Reinhart has shared her life with an adorable little dog. The latter is really her whole life and she takes good care of it. Cole Sprouse’s ex posts photos with Milo on Instagram quite often.

Lili Reinhart did a great deed by fitting Milo into a shelter. And the least that can be said is that the two have found each other. Thanks to his dog, ex-Cole Sprouse was able to deal with confinement in a better way.

It must be said that during this period Lili Reinhart had to deal with her separation from Cole Sprouse. Much to everyone’s surprise, the two decided to go their separate ways. As a result, the pretty blonde fell into depression.

But thanks to her little dog, the young woman was able to change her mind. However, Cole Sprouse’s ex had to face another tragedy. A dog attacked Milo. The latter almost died. After undergoing surgery, he finally recovered from this mishap.


Traumatized by this event, Lili Reinhart appeared in tears on social networks. Fortunately, fans of ex-Cole Sprouse gave him their full support. Now her pet is doing wonderfully.

This Saturday, January 9, the Riverdale actress shared a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. And the least we can say is that ex-Cole Sprouse made his fans laugh a lot.

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Indeed, Lili Reinhart has unveiled a snapshot of all her dogs. The latter appeared on the stairs, each on a step. It was Milo who started the ball rolling.

Captioning his Instagram photo, ex-Cole Sproue also asked his fans to come up with a name for the gang of dogs.


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