Cole Sprouse: his darling Lili Reinhart under the charm of his dog!


Lili Reinhart seems really addicted! The pretty actress thus passes confinement with her dog … We even end up wondering which of Cole Sprouse or his animal really has his favors!

Because the actress really looks gaga. We are therefore entitled every day to new photos of the animal … On the floor, on the sofa, in the kitchen, on a walk: Milo seems more exposed than his mistress!

This morning, Lili Reinhart is spending a little more time with her dog … This time, he is sleeping. But nothing stops the actress, who has fun and takes new pictures of her baby! Too cute !

The actress seems indeed a fan of her four-legged friend … A beautiful love story, therefore, which could almost make Cole Sprouse jealous! Because the lover has fewer photos with his beauty than his dog!

Lili Reinhart therefore seems very in love with Cole Sprouse… But also very close to Milo! Since February, she has been taking care of this little fur ball. And confinement also allows him to benefit!

The actress not only has a friend with this dog … she also did a great action. Because Milo did not have an easy life: the poor dog was abandoned. His future mistress therefore adopted him in a refuge …

A great story between Lili Reinhart and her dog is born. Beyond her good deed, the actress realizes a dream: to adopt a dog. So she considers him a member of her family …

She declares several times: “I can not do without it anymore.” And it shows on Instagram! Milo thus appears regularly in the stories of his mistresses. In his publis, too …

The sweetheart of Cole Sprouse therefore seems happy, and full of tenderness… So we discover a Lili Reinhart who has been too cute since February. The actress has a good heart, and that we love!


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