Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart raise their voices against false accusations of harassment


Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart raise their voices against false accusations of harassment. The actors raised their voices against false accusations against celebrities.

After the controversy against Justin Bieber for alleged harassment, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse were also singled out and came out in defense of the false accusations.

This weekend, the singer was involved in a couple of accusations supported by an influencer named Kadi, the Canadian wanted to clarify everything on social networks with various tests and the Riverdale actors also expressed their solidarity with this situation.

Through their official Twitter account, Lili and Cole seem to have joined forces, despite their apparent breakup. Both decided to raise their voices against the accusations of aggression that were disclosed this weekend.

The actor assured that accusing someone of harassment is very serious damage, not only for him, but for the girls who are victims. Cole expressed his annoyance, as it was anonymous accounts that published an alleged assault on his part and he has always supported people to speak up and denounce.

For her part, Lili quoted her partner’s posts in “Riverdale”, the actress believes that this type of action is counterproductive, not only because it damages the life and career of the celebs who are involved, but because it can break the veracity of real victims, in addition to taking away the courage and bravery to speak about it and denounce.

Both assured that they will take legal action against the defamations, since not only they were pointed out, but also KJ Apa. Their positions are a way of showing solidarity with Justin Bieber, who will also take the necessary legal measures.

It all started with 2 fake Twitter accounts that described an alleged episode of harassment, although one of them admitted that it was all an invention and just wanted to prove how easy it is to deceive people on said social network.

Some fans still do not know what to believe, for others it seems unfair that the cast of “Riverdale” were believed, but the singer tried to drag him with the famous culture of cancellation.

It seems that although Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse ended their relationship, their mutual friendships keep them together. So far, neither of them has given a statement about how and why they ended their romance.


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