Cole Sprouse admits that the romantic scenes will change in Riverdale!


In an interview with AP Entertainment, Cole Sprouse explained that the romantic scenes in Riverdale will change!

Cole Sprouse has become one of the stars of Riverdale for years. He also offered very hot scenes with Betty Cooper aka Lili Reinhart. But because of the coronavirus, everything is likely to change.

In an interview with AP Entertainment, Cole Sprouse said the covid 19 will impact the filming of Riverdale. He also explained that the romantic scenes will never be the same again.

Cole Sprouse said: “Our series is the exact type of column that is going to be subject to scrutiny in terms of how things will change technically. I mean, the nature of romantic scenes is going to change a bit. ”

Cole Sprouse also added, “Kraft service: catering will change. The interactions with the cast and the team will change. What kind of scenes you are allowed to do following the shots will have to change. ”


Cole Sprouse also revealed: “The ventilation is going to have to change technically. The amount of background allowed for shots will also change. ”

The actor also told Entertainment AP: “Our series is one of those series where we feel deeply involved in all the new regulations that have emerged on a production cycle”.

Finally, he concluded, “So I can’t wait to see how it works.” Riverdale season 5, however, won’t be released until January 2021. A long wait that will leave fans wondering what will happen.

However, we should expect departures. Like that of Skeet Ulrich. The latter said he was bored in the series. An announcement that did not fail to make his fans sad. But the latter seem to appreciate Riverdale less and less.