Coinbase Shares 10 Forecast!


Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA, published its 10 forecast for Web3 and cryptocurrencies in 2022. The expectations shared by Coinbase, an exchange that is currently traded on the US stock market and fully complying with current regulations, are extremely important. So what does the cryptocurrency ecosystem expect in 2022?

10 Prospects in Coinbase and Cryptocurrencies!

Recently, Coinbase shared 10 expectations for this year on its official Twitter account. The perspective of Surojit, the Product Officer of Coinbase, can give us important ideas. Surojit is also Google’s Former Vice President of Product Management.

Now let’s come to the 10 important developments expected in 2022!

Ethereum (ETH) will get better at scalability. But L1 blockchains like AVAX will continue to grow significantly.

We will see significant usability improvements in Layer1 and Layer2 bridges.

Technology based on the Zero knowledge algorithm will be used more widely. Months ago, we announced on our website that there was a serious gap in ZK and that this technology would become widespread in the ecosystem.

Regulated DeFi will arrive in 2022. We will meet KYC confirmation on blockchain.

Institutional investors will play a more active role in DeFi.

DeFi fuse will appear.

NFT-based communities will provide material competition to Web 2.0 social networks.

More well-known brands will work on metaverse and NFT.

Popular Web2 companies will future-proof themselves and initiate Web3 transformations.

DAO 2.0 will occupy our agenda a lot this year.

DeFi, ZK, DAO, NFT, and Metaverse may experience some serious hype this year. In particular, DAO and ZK did not receive the necessary attention last year, and it is necessary to closely follow the well-known projects in this field.


Being listed on US exchanges is one of the most important features of Coinbase. The fact that the country is a listed crypto brand that fully fulfills its current legal obligations brings Coinbase to a more critical point. People can access many crypto money products through Coinbase. However, services such as lending that may shake the current position of banks are not available for now. There are those of you who remember, Coinbase intended something like this and got a solid slap from the SEC.

Accelerating the listing of new cryptocurrencies in 2021, the stock market now offers new investment alternatives to its customers in a very rapid manner. Similar to this year, we may witness 5-10 crypto currency listings per month. Of course, there can be serious enthusiasm in the price of these listed assets.