Coinbase Pro Updates Stablecoin And Forex Pairs


Coinbase Pro Goes to Update Stablecoin and Forex Pairs. Coinbase Pro is changing the transaction fees charged for stablecoin and fiat currency pairs on the exchange. According to the statement of the exchange, maker fee will no longer be charged for transactions made with these parities.

According to the announcement released by Coinbase Pro in the morning today, a new transaction fee policy will now be followed for a total of 9 different stablecoin/fiat currency pairs. According to this,

  • USDT / GBP
  • USDT/USD and
  • 0.00% for maker from WBTC/BTC parities; 0.01% for taker
    transaction fee will be deducted.

As can be seen in the list, this policy will cover not only stablecoin/fiat currency pairs, but also WBTC/BTC parity. Stating that the volume of transactions made with stable parities grew 10 times in 6 months, the stock market announced that this application will start as of June 1st.