Coinbase Pro Lists Solana (SOL)


coinbase pro lists solana. Coinbase Pro announced that it will open Solana (SOL) trades. Investors can deposit money into their accounts on the exchange before trading transactions are opened.

Coinbase Pro announced in its Thursday announcement that the trading of Solana (SOL) will begin on May 24. The pairs to be listed on the stock exchange are listed as SOL / USD, SOL / BTC, SOL / EUR, SOL / GBP and SOL / USDT.

Coinbase Pro recently added cryptocurrencies such as Internet Computer (ICP), Cartesi (CTSI) to the Pro platform. Solana is not yet on Coinbase’s main site.

As a decentralized computing platform, Solana uses the proof-of-history algorithm, unlike blockchains that use proof-of-work algorithms such as Bitcoin. It is stated that on the Solana blockchain, where the default payment unit is SOL, up to 50,000 transactions can be made per second.