Coinbase Prevents Sending Bitcoin to Twitter Hackers


Coinbase, one of the biggest exchanges in the crypto markets, announced that it prevented sending Bitcoin to the addresses determined by hackers during the Twitter hacking attack. This behavior of Coinbase caused different reactions in the crypto money sector.

BTC Has Stopped

There was a hacking attack on Twitter last week. Many famous names were seized in the attack. Bitcoin addresses were shared from the accounts and donations were requested. It is known that hackers have collected around 150,000 dollars of BTC after this event. But there are those who claim that this figure is higher.

Judging by the statement made by the Coinbase exchange, the stock market blocked the submissions made by the customers to the address shared by the hackers. According to the stock exchange, Coinbase users have taken action to transfer 30.4 BTC in total to hackers’ addresses. It is said that the number of these users has exceeded a thousand people.

Coinbase has announced that it has blocked transactions for this reason. This move sparked controversy in the cryptocurrency industry. Investors think that the fact that Coinbase can block ‘whatever reason’ for transactions will cause major problems in the future.

According to some, there is no obstacle for Coinbase to block optional transactions from the government or another central institution tomorrow.

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