Coinbase Lists 7 New Altcoins: Prices Exploded!


Famous cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has listed seven small-cap altcoin projects. Thus, while Bitcoin and crypto markets were looking for support, big rallies were ignited for these altcoins. Coinbase continues to expand its crypto footprint by adding more than half a dozen altcoins to its list of transactions.

Coinbase lists 7 altcoins

The US-based cryptocurrency exchange announced that new crypto assets will begin trading on Coinbase Pro once the appropriate liquidity conditions are met. Coinbase’s latest addition includes Aergo (AERGO), an open-source hybrid blockchain designed specifically for business efficiency and IT developers. The price of Aergo rose to $ 0.26 today. Resource-sharing Golem (GLM) is also on the rise, providing users who need additional computing power. The Golem network is an open-access and censorship-resistant protocol that aims to connect users through a “flexible” and open-source platform. The golem gained 22.7% and rose from $0.44 to $0.54.

A cross-chain bridge Synapse (SYN) also saw gains, rising 11.2% from $1.95 to $2.17 at time of writing. Status Network (SNT), which has also received the green light from Coinbase, offers users a secure messaging app, Web3 browser, and a crypto wallet. Status Network saw some upward price action in the past day, up 10.9% from $0.055 to $0.061. Ethernity Chain (ERN), another Coinbase-listed altcoin, offers immutable token (NFT) enthusiasts access to authenticated and fully licensed digital trading cards. Ethernity Chain actually dropped 11.7% from $5.73 to $5.06 the other day.

Coins rose with the news

Aioz Network (AIOZ), also added to the Coinbase platform, is a content delivery network that distributes bandwidth while reducing costs. The project website says it is fully interoperable with Ethereum and Cosmos blockchains, providing instant certainty and low transaction fees. On the news of the Coinbase announcement, the Aioz Network altcoin rose 38.4% from $0.13 to over $0.18. The last coin on the list is Highstreet (HIGH), an open-world metaverse game that offers virtual real estate and an online store with unique, limited-edition items. Highstreet is trading at $3.81.