Coinbase Lists 3 New Altcoins: Prices Jump!


Famous cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it has added three new small-scale altcoins to its retail trading platform. Coinbase listing brought a rise to altcoins.

Coinbase announced the addition of three new small-scale altcoins!

According to Coinbase, the three new altcoins will be designated as “experimental” on the exchange, meaning they may have higher volatility and lower trading volume compared to other assets on Coinbase. The leading US-based exchange has announced that business-focused open-source hybrid Blockchain Aergo (AERGO), sports-based NFT marketplace Ethernity Chain (ERN), and decentralized finance platform Status Network (SNT) are now available on Coinbase. The stock market made the following announcement on the subject:

To be transparent and help clients make informed decisions, we’ve added an experimental asset tag to the product detail page for certain tradable assets that are new to our platform or have relatively low trading volume compared to our broader crypto market. We advise you to be wary of these assets as they come with certain risks, including price fluctuations and canceled orders associated with lower volume and availability. The experimental asset tag will not affect your ability to send, receive, buy, sell and/or hold assets on Coinbase.

Coinbase listing brought a rise to altcoins!

With the impact of the news, Aergo experienced a 12% increase and Status Network a 20.5% increase. Ethernity Chain also saw a sudden jump as a result of the announcement.