Coinbase Launches the Exchange with $ 381


Coinbase began trading on Nasdaq at a price of $ 381 per share. Goldman Sachs had set the $ 250 reference price for Coinbase before transactions started.

Founded in 2014, Coinbase entered the stock market on April 14, when the Bitcoin price exceeded $ 64,000, marking a new first. Although transactions on the Nasdaq started, transactions started later than usual as the company entered via direct listing.

Almost 100 billion dollars

Coinbase, which has an opening price of $ 381, is now valued at $ 99.5 billion. The share price climbed to over $ 400 after the trades opened.

Coinbase, which announced in January that it will enter the stock market, has become one of the largest cryptocurrency companies ever opened to the public. Coinbase is the world’s largest stock exchange with its current valuation.


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