Coinbase: 6,000 Customers Were Hacked And Had Coins Stolen


Coinbase: According to information revealed by Coinbase, hackers were responsible for stealing about 6,000 users of the platform between the months of March and May this year. The information was published in a letter posted on the California Attorney General’s website.

Coinbase Global Inc. is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, where investors can buy, sell, exchange and place their currencies in a digital savings account (Staking). In Brazil, the company also has some options available.

Hackers transferred cryptocurrencies to other wallets

The letter reveals that third parties were able to exploit flaws in the company’s SMS account recovery process. Thus, hackers gained access to the various wallets and were able to transfer funds through the cryptocurrency platform.

To be able to access the accounts, criminals needed to know the emails, passwords and phone numbers they were linked to. Coinbase said the flaw was not revealed or discovered by anyone within the company, and that the hackers needed access to customers’ personal data.

“We immediately fixed the flaw and worked with these clients to regain control of their accounts and reimburse them for the funds they lost,” a Coinbase spokesman told Reuters.


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