Cody Simpson: Miley Cyrus’s sweetheart is committed to the environment!


It’s been several weeks since Cody Simpson is in a relationship with Miley Cyrus. The singer is more popular than ever and he takes the opportunity to talk about the environment!

Miley Cyrus ended her marriage to Liam Hemsworth. The starlet quickly turned the page since she came out with Kaitlynn Carter. Then, she started as a couple with Cody Simpson and everything seems to be going well between them. The singer has won many subscribers and he is more popular than ever. So, he wanted to talk about a subject that is close to his heart on Instagram!

Cody Simpson has more than 3.8 million fans on Instagram. The singer often appears in the arms of Miley Cyrus and he is very happy to be in a relationship with her. Nevertheless, this allowed him to win many subscribers on social networks. Thus, he is very influential and he wanted to educate his fans on the ecology. He is Australian and he knows that the Great Barrier Reef dies a little more each day. So, he wanted to touch a word.

Thus, the singer is very sensitive to ecology and with its millions of subscribers, he seems the best placed to talk about the environment to his fans. So, just a few hours ago, Cody Simpson released a video of the seabed and all the beautiful things the Earth has to offer. Nevertheless, he wants people to pay more attention to the planet because the pollution is disastrous. “Australia is on fire. Venice flows. The system collapses. Greed has poisoned the minds of Earth’s rulers. We live in our computer screens, cars, and we are disconnected from the Earth. He began by saying on Instagram.

Cody Simpson thinks people have to relearn how to connect with Earth because everyone is using their resources too much. Thus, it appeals to the humanity of people to be more respectful concerning the planet. “We need humanity and we need to replant trees and use clean energy. What we need is a sustainable industry and we need to save our house today: Earth? He finally said. So, the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus had a very nice message to his fans.