Cody Gakpo would be eligible for Premier League trip to Brentford


Liverpool are in the final stages of finalizing a deal for Dutch striker Cody Gakpo, who will be able to play at Brentford on January 2.

According to the reliable Paul Joyce of the Times, who states that “Gakpo will be eligible for a Premier League trip to Brentford next Monday.”

There were questions whether this was possible, given that Monday, January 2, is a public holiday and the FA needs to stamp the deal before he gets the right to speak.

But it seems that Jurgen Klopp will be able to include Gakpo in his squad if all the formalities are completed, as expected, before the transfer window opens on January 1.

Gakpo is due to undergo treatment soon before his £37 million move from PSV, but just because he will be eligible for Brentford does not mean he will take any part.

The FA Cup clash against Wolverhampton on January 7 at Anfield could be a more realistic target for the 23-year-old, who was enjoying a break after playing in the World Cup for the Netherlands.

There is little time left between the reception of Leicester on Friday and the trip to Brentford on Monday, so the Gacpo has limited opportunities to quickly inform the Gacpo of the necessary information.

Liverpool’s last January transfer, Luis Diaz, for reference, made his debut off the bench a week after his appearance against Cardiff in the FA Cup.

It was natural for Diaz to join the team, and he hopes that Gakpo will be able to enjoy a similar transition at Anfield.

As for his right to participate in the Champions League, clubs can register a maximum of three new players after the January window, regardless of whether they have played for another club this season.

It will take a reshuffle in the squad to serve a non-homegrown player, but injuries can affect who gets out and who doesn’t.


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