Codex, a leading DNA company, developed new products to combat coronavirus


Today, another company has joined the fight against the coronavirus outbreak that shook the world. Codex announced that the science community will offer 8 new products to support the war against COVID-19.

The coronavirus epidemic continues to infect more and more people and cause new casualties. Many companies are trying to stand by scientists in this process.

Codex, one of the world’s leading synthetic DNA companies, has also announced the release of virus-oriented tools, such as various antigen panels, synthetic DNA fragments, to speed up vaccine development, drug discovery and the diagnosis of infected cases.

Many areas are studied:
The company has released a statement today, stating that it will launch many newly developed auxiliary products to speed up the development of anti-coronavirus solutions. “We focused on empowering our customers and partners with everything they needed to build biology so they could change the world,” said CEO Todd R. Nelson. This goal has never been more important than now. ”

Emphasizing the importance of the extraordinary situation that is currently in the whole world, Nelson said, “As soon as we learned about the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (the disease-causing virus known as COVID-19), we knew that our BioXp system would provide tremendous help for researchers and their funds. we’ve prepared it to help bring more BioXp systems into the hands of more researchers. We also published an application note to our existing customers on how to synthesize SARS-CoV-2 genome parts quickly; this made them readily available for diagnosis, vaccination and therapeutic development, but we know that not everyone has access to our DNA printers and therefore we offer these solutions and services to help in every possible way. ”

Let’s add that the Codex company not only develops new products but also provides laboratory space and staff support for researchers who do not have their own laboratory. We hope that this effort will be effective in fighting the virus and contributes to the development of solutions. We will continue to carefully monitor and convey news from the scientific world.


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