CoD Warzone: Zombies Invade the Supermarket


Call of Duty: Warzone continues to celebrate its zombie event. The undead are now collapsing the Verdansk supermarket. Threat to 66%. Call of Duty: Warzone continues to suffer from the effects of the zombie plague. The undead have been roaming all over Verdansk since their landing (and pun intended) on the Vodianoy ship. After spending a week at the television station, they now occupy a new place to the west of the map: the supermarket.

Therefore, every time you start a game until further notice, you will see a red claw on the name of the supermarket: in it you will find the zombie station, with which you will activate the event. At that moment the hordes will start hunting you until you kill a total of 40. The last one will drop a yellow card, with which you will open the special chest. The supplies in this chest are of greater relevance than a legendary one; in fact, the extended gas mask will be there.

ZRG 20 mm, the new precision rifle, now available

As part of the Season 2 content, both CoD Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have received the latest weapon awaited from this content framework. The ZRG 20mm is a new free unlockable sniper rifle by completing a simple challenge. You must achieve two Far Shooting medals in 10 different games.

No matter what weapon you use, you simply have to kill at a distance farther than normal, from approximately 50 meters. It is very important that you do not leave the game while it is in progress; If you do, you will have to repeat that step of the challenge. Treyarch gets serious. On the other hand, there is a shortcut method through the ingame store. For 1200 COD points (about 10 euros) you can purchase a cosmetic package that includes the first weapon project planned for her. Know all the contents through this link.