CoD Warzone vs. Die Hard: John McClane is Compared to The Movie


Call of Duty: Warzone: A user on YouTube compares John McClane’s auction in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War versus that of Die Hard.Call of Duty: Warzone added the collaboration between Die Hard and Rambo with the Action Heroes of the 80 event. This included dialogue and nods to their respective films. Specifically, the character played by Bruce Willis reproduces one of the most popular movements in the film in the game. Users put them face to face.

This is John McClane in the movie vs. Call of Duty

If you have never been in front of The Crystal Jungle, we recommend that you do not continue reading. If you have seen it, you will remember the scene in which McClane desperately takes down his enemies by pulling a pistol from his back. That movement has been faithfully transferred to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, as we can see thanks to the comparison of the user Sonny on YouTube.

Finishing is done when you grab an enemy from behind and hold down the melee button. However, for that particular move to come out, you must have McClane’s Finisher equipped in-game. It is achieved by purchasing the Operator pack starring the hero, which comes with various Die Hard-related cosmetics.

The price in the ingame store is 2400 COD points, which is about 19.99 euros in exchange. Remember that the package will be available for a limited time. You have until June 19 to get it. We leave you with the contents below:

John McClane – Operator Unlock

Plaza Security – Fara 83 Project

Plane Busters – Cold War MP5 Project

Hostage Lebrador – AUG Project

Hidden Weapon – Operator Finisher

Hermetic Duct – Business Card

Coordinated Attack – Emblem

McClane Clock – Clock

Police Badge – Amulet

Double Score Token


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