CoD Warzone: Sound leak indicates nuclear bomb


New audio files found in Call of Duty: Warzone suggest that Activision’s battle royale should win nuclear bomb and pest infestation events soon.

Rumors about the end of Warzone’s second season suggest that it should end with the explosion of a nuclear bomb in Verdansk. According to a post on Twitter shared by the user ZestyCODLeaks, the game’s iconic map must have its days numbered and may undergo a total overhaul for the next season.

The Verdansk explosion apparently appears to be the main consequence of a zombie infestation, in which the undead escaped the containment of the shipwreck, introduced at the beginning of the second season. According to the audios, the new event will place players to face the creatures on an open map, where there are specific defense locations known as “plague zones” and extraction mechanics. Check below some texts present in the leak.

“Stay alert, you are close to a plague zone”

“Verdansk was devastated, take it back!”

“This is the last hour, avoid the infected at any cost”

“Don’t become a zombie, for Verdansk!”

“We can’t lose Verdansk, fight those damn zombies”

“Extraction canceled, atomic bomb on the way to Verdansk, you are on your own, soldier”

“Verdansk is lost. Get it over with”

So far, nothing has been confirmed by Activision. However, due to the context of the current season and the published audios, there are strong indications that very soon we should have interesting news from the battle royale.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.


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