CoD Warzone: Raven works on versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S


Call of Duty: Warzone ,Raven Software confirms that it is working to release versions of Call of Duty: Warzone dedicated to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Technical improvements on the way.Call of Duty: Warzone will feature a next-gen native version. Raven Software works so that the battle royale takes advantage of the functionalities of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, just as Black Ops Cold War has done since its launch.

According to those responsible, the studio has a team dedicated to technical work, which is working specifically on updating its technology for recently released systems. It will have reduced loading times thanks to the SSD memory and will give full support to refresh rates of 120hz, beyond what Xbox Series X currently allows via backward compatibility.

Another aspect desired by the community is to be able to adjust the field of view (Field of View in English) in the console versions. Although they still do not confirm that it will happen, Raven investigates how they can transfer it. It is one of the disadvantages when cross-play is enabled in front of PC users, that you can see more margin of the map, up to 120º.

Verdansk 1984, now available in Call of Duty: Warzone

At MeriStation we attended the presentation of the new image of the popular map. Verdansk goes back to 1984 to remain attached to the narrative course of Black Ops Cold War. The setting is different, as well as familiar. There are elements that have changed drastically compared to the 2021 version, such as the stadium, now under construction. Know all the news through this link.

Season 3 has already started. The battery of news not only splashes Warzone, but also the delivery of Treyarch. We can expect new maps, weapons, game modes, elements around the Zombie experience, and much more. We reached the middle of the Black Ops Cold War cycle with one of the most important content for the free to play trajectory.


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