CoD Warzone – Last Triple Double Experience Event of Season 2


Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will receive the last triple double experience event of Season 2. We already know the dates.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will bid farewell to Season 2 with a triple double experience event. From April 16 at 19:00 CET to April 19 at the same time, all players in each game will progress faster in profile rank, weapon level, and battle pass .

In the same entry posted on the Call of Duty blog, the publisher states that we will receive “a peek” this week on Season 3, the next content framework planned for the current two installments. Changes are coming.

FIXWZ, the clan insignia used by the outraged in battle royale

As is usual in the saga, each new season is accompanied by an update that adjusts and corrects a multitude of elements. We do not know if the patch that will come with Season 3 will adjust some of the elements that the community demands, especially within the movement called #FixWarzone.

As explained by Reddit user SindraGan2001, he says that everyone “is tired” of the current situation the game is going through. Within its itinerary we find several vital points.

Fix the excessive power of the FFAR 1, AUG and M16 weapons.

Set the low time to death (TTK).

Fix the stimulant glitch.

Fix the invisibility glitch.

Adjust the current gulag map.

Eliminate the gulag to fists.

Correct “broken” accessories.

Eliminate the complete presence of cheats.

Do you disagree with what is happening in Warzone? You can show your participation in the movement by registering yourself as a “FIXWZ” clan badge. “Many of you will say that it is useless, but if the idea manages to be popular enough, maybe something will change,” he says. It remains to be seen if it has really made a dent.


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