CoD Warzone and Black Ops Cold War receive news


Activision revealed on its official blog what will be the next news coming soon to its hit shooters Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone, the free battle royale that is part of Modern Warfare.

In Black Ops Cold War, the Saint Patrick’s Day themed Stockpile mode will continue to be available in multiplayer until 2pm on March 18 at Brasilia time, when it will return to being the good old traditional Stockpile, without the presence of four leaves.

We will also have the return of Knife Fight 3v3 mode for those who enjoy close-range combat, with the two teams abusing weapons such as Wakizashi, E-Tool, Tomahawk and Machete, in addition to the traditional knives. Prop hunt mode will come out of rotation, but the promise is that it will return soon with even more maps, including Miami Strike and Satellite, as this is one of the fan favorite modes.

New bundles on the way

March 18 also marks the arrival of new bundles to the store, such as a themed racing package that includes the Racer 01 SMG, Racer 2 Assault Rifle and an Epic Skkkkkkkrrrrttttt emblem.

On March 21, the NecroKing Mastercraft package will arrive, which features the Ice Drake Mastercraft AR and Cold Spear M60. There will be eight items in all, also featuring a Necro King sticker and Dead Sled vehicle skin.

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