CoD Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Battle Pass


We tell you all the rewards available in the Battle Pass of Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War on PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War kick off Season 2. The new content comes from the hand of a new battle pass with 100 levels to unlock. The rewards, as usual, are of all kinds: weapons projects, watches, music, skins and more. Extend your experience for the next 54 days.

Remember that you can get the battle pass for 1000 COD points; If you want a starter boost, you have a second option to acquire it along with 20 level skips at a price of 2400 COD points. You will find all the information in the in-game store.


At launch you will see 2 new weapons:

Fara 83 (unlockable at battle pass level 15) | Automatic assault rifle. Its high rate of fire and muzzle velocity allow good vulnerability force at long range. Slightly more intense recoil with lower driving speed.

LC10 (Unlockable at Battle Pass Tier 31) | Automatic submachine gun. Well balanced, with excellent damage range and good precision. Delivers moderate damage and high rate of fire with impressive muzzle velocity.

Weapons projects

We will find 20 weapons projects throughout the 100 levels of the battle pass. Remember that the arsenal focuses on weapons from Black Ops Cold War.


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