CoD Warzone: a Bug Allows You to Unlock the AMP63 in Black Ops Cold War


CoD Warzone: Users discover how to unlock the AMP63 pistol for Black Ops Cold War through a bug in Call of Duty: Warzone. We explain the challenge to you.The Call of Duty: Warzone community is once again anticipating the company’s plans. A bug has allowed some players to unlock the AMP63 pistol, one of the last weapons expected during Season 3 that it shares with Black Ops Cold War.

Users discover how to unlock the AMP63

According to the user zLight_Yagami9 on Reddit, you must get 5 kills with a pistol in 20 games of Call of Duty: Warzone to be able to get it. The bug is that the game already counts the progress in the challenge, even if there is no signal in the menus. Another of the peculiarities of the error rests on where you unlock it. Completing it in battle royale allows you to use it only in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

This bug suggests what happened to the Sykov pistol: those who unlocked it early maintained its status when it officially arrived in the game. On the other hand, the challenge in the Treyarch title is different from that of Warzone, so it is useless to meet it in the competitive one.

The clip that you can see at the top of this paragraph shows how the weapon looks in real time. Broadly speaking, it works as a hybrid between a pistol and a submachine gun. Automatic firing with small magazine, which can be expanded through accessories. Like the rest of the models in its family, it supports Akimbo mode; you can carry two at a time.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 and Black Ops Cold War have just over two weeks of availability left. Season 4 is scheduled to begin in June, the contents of which are still secret. We will learn more details as these days progress. Stay tuned to MeriStation to be aware of all the information around your universe.


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