CoD pro Clayster is the highest paid Fall Guys player in the world.


Call of Duty professional James “Claister” Eubanks is now also the highest paid Fall Guys player in the world.

As the esports industry grows, more money can be made at competitions than ever before. The best part about all this is that anyone can participate: from participating in small online tournaments to sold-out stadiums.

James “Claister” Eubanks is considered one of the greatest Call of Duty players of all time, with three world titles to his credit. For 14 years of participation in competitions, he played in the largest organizations.

Now the 30-year—old professional CoD can claim another, but rather unusual title – to become the highest paid Fall Guys player in the world.

Clayster Became the Highest Paid Fall Guy Player

Clayster was invited to the CourageJD Fall Guys tournament with a $100,000 buy-in, and despite the fact that he joined late and missed the first two games, the CoD professional showed notable results — taking home just under $17,000.

After the tournament, Kleister took to Twitter, where he learned from his fans that after his win he could become the highest paid Fall Guys player.

“If this is true, then I just became the best Fall Guys player,” he wrote, and in a subsequent tweet he added: “I was just told that I earned $16,973.21. He’s actually gone crazy.”

According to esportsearnings, Twitch streamer thedragonfeeney currently ranks as the highest earning Fall Guys with $13,447.51.

It is worth noting that statistics are recorded only for the six most notable Fall Guys tournaments, consisting of the largest prize funds. At the time of writing, the site has not yet been updated to add the CouRage tournament.

Considering that the prize fund of the tournament exceeds the prize fund already included in the list, its addition will not take long to wait. Despite this, the Paste has already declared itself in his biography on Twitter.

Even if he takes first place or not, it’s still noteworthy that one of the Call of Duty superstars will be one of the highest paid Fall Guys.


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