COD: Operation Chaos in Black Ops Cold War


We tell you everything you need to know to decrypt the Operation Chaos floppy in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign.

In our Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War guide you can find the best tips and tricks to succeed in multiplayer. The most powerful customizable equipment, the ideal weapons to break through enemy lines and how the new kill streak system works, among other pieces.

But not everything is focused on the competitive. Next we will break down what elements you need to decrypt the diskette to access Operation Chaos, one of the secondary missions of the campaign. What we will comment on below may contain revelations of the plot, so we advise you to stop reading if you have not finished the campaign.

Operation Chaos, what clues do you need?

Throughout the campaign you will receive different clues after your forays into the terrain. You will be able to browse through them from the CIA shelter board or from the campaign menu. Three of them are required to decrypt the floppy.

The first clue is the code message, which you can find in the first mission: There is no escape. You will be automatically added to your inventory after speaking with Qasim. It is a blank paper with numbers.

The second clue is the numbers of the relay station, which you will find in the Brick in the Wall mission. It is shaped like one of the old circular audio tapes, you will find it on the same stage after finding the prisoner. It has no loss.

The third and final clue is in the Red Light, Green Light mission. Inside the retro bar you will see a newspaper called “Nationwide Obserber”. Grab it and it will be added to inventory.

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If by any chance you miss one, you can repeat the missions from the mission selection board in the CIA shelter.

How to decrypt the Operation Chaos floppy disk

Go to the tests menu and go to the Operation Chaos tab. You will find 5 boxes, but we only care about the first three, which correspond to the evidence we have obtained in the missions discussed above. Keep in mind that the solution varies from player to player, so there is no single answer.

Inspect the coded message. In the second horizontal row a series of numbers will appear in red and blue that include two question marks of the same colors. You must take into account the offset of the numbers to each other to find the blank space.

Imagine the following combination:

Red: 56-61-66 -? – 76

Blue: 31-33-37 -? – 51

The difference between red remains constant: 5. Therefore, if we add 5 to 66, it will give us 71. In the case of blue, the difference grows by 2 points for each number. If from 31 to 33 there are 2 and from 33 to 37 there are 4, from 37 to the interrogation we will have 6 of difference, ergo it gives us 43. Therefore, the code that gives us the message in code is 7143 (we put the first color to appear).

Those 4 digits will have to be compared on the audio tape, the numbers of the relay station. You will see two columns, one for various city names, and one for four digits. Compare the numbers to find the city. Continuing with the above example, 7143 corresponds to the city of Austin.


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