CoD: Modern Warfare No longer Fits 250 GB SSDs


Who works for Windows or something anyway? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now needs more than 250 GB of space with the latest update.

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare first came out, it needed exactly 175 GB of free space. At that time, players were complaining about the storage space filled by the game. Especially downloading the game over the internet was a big problem.

With the August update, the total size of the game exceeded 200 GB. Finally, a Twitter user shared an image showing that 250 GB SSDs are no longer sufficient for the game and will not be enough for updates from now on.

No space left on the disk

“Call of Duty MW can no longer fit on 250 GB SSD and cannot be updated .. @Activision @Blizzard_Ent please separate SP, MP and Warzone.”

The main reason why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes up so much space is the combination of single player, multiplayer and battle royale modes. Although console players can remove the unwanted part of the game from their systems, players do not have such a chance for now.

Productions require more storage space as graphics evolve and games are refreshed. For this reason, the file sizes of the games grow as they grow. For example, Vermintide 2 also needed 93 GB of storage space. Even this storage space was much larger than what many people should expect.

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Games are now being divided

Game producers are also aware that the need for storage space is starting to cause problems. In particular, the storage areas of the consoles are very limited. Therefore, games are divided as much as possible. Thus, it is ensured that the players can use the space in their hands more efficiently. Similar features are slowly beginning to be seen in computer games.

Actually, these apps are not new. Even in Call of Duty’s old games, it was possible to install the games separately. Since the CoD series left Steam and moved to, players have not had such a chance.


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