CoD Mobile: 19-year-old actor stabbed to death


A 19-year-old CoD: Mobile player was stabbed to death on Tuesday afternoon (23) in Pirituba, a neighborhood in the North Zone of São Paulo. The suspect, also a player, was arrested in the act by the police and confessed to the crime.

The victim, whose name is Ingrid Bueno, worked for the FBI E-Sports team. On social networks, the organization posted several tributes to the player, who was known in the community as “Sol”.

The young man suspected of committing the crime, who is 18, was a member of the Gamers Elite, which issued a statement deploring the incident.

In the note, the suspect’s team said he even sent a video on the organization’s WhatsApp group showing that he had committed the crime. “After the leadership of the clan became aware of what happened, we organized and took necessary measures: we informed the appropriate authorities and asked all our members not to share the video”, says the note.

Crime report

According to information in the police report, military police officers were called to the suspect’s home to deal with the case of a woman stabbed. Upon arriving at the scene, the agents find the victim already dead.

The young man told the police that he planned the crime after writing a book explaining his motivations. He met Sol about a month ago, over the internet, and would have lured her to her house with the intention of committing the murder.

After killing the young woman with knife blows, the player threatened to commit suicide, but was convinced by his brother to surrender. In a video released by TV Record, he says “that he was conscious” and that the victim would have “crossed his path”.

The investigation is being conducted by the 87th Police District, in the Vila Pereira Barreto neighborhood, in São Paulo.


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