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Call of DUty: Black Ops Cold War presents the new trailer for its next game mode in Zombies: Outbreak. This is the new chapter of the Dark Aether.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War publishes a new gameplay trailer in which it shows in detail its next game mode: Zombies Outbreak. Expected as part of the contents of Season 2, the fight against the undead moves to the Ural Mountains.

This is Outbreak, the new game mode in Zombies from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

During the video we can see several of the characteristics that Outbreak has, such as expanding its playing field with a map of greater amplitude than that seen in the rest of the chapters of the current story arc. You have the trailer at your disposal at the top of this news. The group of four players will face the hordes on unprecedented terrain. The dead will resurface with new ranks influenced by the Dark Aether.

Operation Threshold, as they call it, will follow in the wake of Requiem’s ​​events in Firebase Z. “Your goal will be to explore the designated regions of Outbreak and assist the other Requiem divisions in meeting their objectives. After completing an experiment, you can either withdraw from the area or take the risk of facing fiercer enemies through the cracks in the Dark Aether, ”the company explains in a Call of Duty blog post.

With the “cracks” they refer to the regions that we explore after transporting ourselves in those purple walls, common in Die Maschine and Firebase Z. Unlike in other chapters of Zombies, there is no marked starting route. You can explore however you want and for as long as you want. On your way you will see random events, rewards via chests and more. On the other hand, for a sum of 500 essence you have the opportunity to launch yourself on a jump platform, which provides you with a fast track of arrival between mission and mission.

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The objectives at your fingertips are several: defense, escort, capture, elimination … these experiments can be completed when you decide to do it, nothing will tie. Remember that it will arrive on February 25 along with the rest of the Season 2 additions.


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