CoD Black Ops Cold War: Play Free For A Limited Time; Ates And Content


CoD Black Ops Cold War: Activision offers one week of completely free access to different multiplayer modes; Outbreak zombies are also included.
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is in a free trial period that will run until April 28. You can enjoy different multiplayer modes on all available platforms and zombies from Outbreak mode are also included. In addition, if you take advantage of the weekend you can also get double experience.

Remember that in the console version it is important to correctly select the platform on which you want to download it. In addition, you can also access its download from the new informational banner that now accompanies the rest of the game modes in Call of Duty: Warzone. We remind you that in the case of the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles, it is necessary to have a subscription to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, respectively.

CoD: Warzone | Double experience event now available

Call of Duty: Warzone also has important news; During this weekend a new double experience event is available, with which you can double the experience points obtained both for the rank of your profile, as well as for the development of your favorite weapons. A fantastic opportunity to explore the possibilities of the new game map: Verdansk 1986.

The new version of the map was born as a result of the impact of the nuclear bomb that gave rise to the beginning of Season 3 and brings with it important changes such as the inclusion of new locations, a renewed visual appearance and the integration of classic maps of the saga in areas concrete parts of the world. You can check all its news through this link.


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