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Treyarch is offering a free Nuketown Weapon Bundle, which includes a weapon project and various cosmetics for CoD: Black Ops Cold War. This is how it is achieved.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War offers a new free bundle for all players who complete the promotion requirements. The Nuketown bundle includes various cosmetic items and a weapon project.

There are two ways to do it. On the one hand, if you have logged into the game between November 13 and November 20 (maximum at 19:00 CET of the latter), you will automatically receive the batch on your profile before the debut of Nuketown ’84 next November 24.

In the event that you have not participated in the first week of play, you have a second chance to get it. If you log in and play between now and December 4 11:00 CET, you will win the package.

Nuketown Weapon Bundle: Content

The included draft weapon is a variant of the Hauer 77 shotgun. Called Last Stop, it comes equipped with 4 accessories: the 55.4 paratrooper barrel, a 6-round tube, the Millstop reflex sight and the Commando Mechanism stock.

As for cosmetics, six weapon charms are included in the shape of the mannequins that populate Nuketown: Chad, Thad, Vlad, Karen, Shadow, and Bobbi McDaren. You will also find the Test Subjects sticker, the Legend of Nuketown emblem and the Omnibus business card.

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