CoD Black Ops Cold War has access to Zombies mode


From January 14 to 21, the first free access event to the legendary Call of Duty mode will take place. It’s the first time that Zombies, the legendary Treyarch mode, will be available free of charge during Zombie Free Access Week.

The mode will be available to all players through the stores on their respective platforms and includes the following game modes:

Die Maschine

An abandoned laboratory in Poland, from the times of World War II, which contains a massive particle collider has opened a gap for unexplained monstrosities and undead forces. As part of an international response team known as Requiem, you will infiltrate the ZA and try to survive the zombie wave in multiple rounds while discovering the secrets of Die Maschine.

This game mode is a complete zombie experience where up to four players can get together and try to survive the horrors that are waiting for them. With dozens of weapons, lethal equipment, a series of scores and special field improvements, work as a team to get out of this alive.


You and your squad will be transported with the weapons of your choice, but once the first zombie hits the ground, the “No Maximum” timer starts. Your Operator will explode if you are unable to kill another zombie before the timer stops, and the time will get shorter during the game.

Also stay tuned to the Timer Enhancer “No Max”, which is able to freeze the timer for all players for a while.


Slaughter is a new, fast-paced two-player zombie experience on the multiplayer maps in Black Ops Cold War that only Playstation users will be able to access.

In this mode, you and your partner will use whatever you have in your weapons to fight the waves of hyper-aggressive zombies. Unlike traditional zombie modes, in Slaughter a Black Aether Orb will limit you to a specific part of the map until it is fueled by the souls of the undead. As the area moves, enemies get stronger and harder, including powerful Elites.

By killing enough of these Elites, you can earn special Bronze, Silver or Gold rankings and exclusive objects and weapons.

For players who enjoy the free trial and want to buy the game, the good news is that progress will be maintained on the full game after purchase.

Join Alex Mason, Frank Woods and Jason Hudson in a mind-boggling campaign to hunt down a global threat called “Perseus”. Or keep testing your courage by fighting legions of the undead as a Requiem agent in Zombies.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.


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