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CoD 2021 to be a Pioneer and return to World War II


The Call of Duty that will be launched later this year should return to the scene of the Second World War and may be called “Vanguard”. The development of the title was being led by Sledgehammer Games, which produced Call of Duty: WWII.

The information, which is rumored, was published this week by the ModernWarzone website and confirmed this Friday (26th) by Eurogamer. Despite general validations, there are differences between the two vehicles.

According to the fan site, the game takes place in an alternative story line, as if the war had not ended in 1945. Eurogamer points out that, in fact, it must take place in a traditional setting, telling part of the events truthful.

Should the launch take place, Vanguard will be the second game in the franchise to take place in the 2nd World War in this decade. The previous one was just WWII, released in 2017. Among the most recent, CoD: Modern Warfare is set today and Black Ops Cold War narrates events from the Cold War period.

Despite not confirming any of the information, Activision had previously said that a new title in the series will be released in 2021. In February, during a company meeting with investors, Dennis Durkin, chief financial officer, assured that players will receive “a great launch in the last quarter ”.

And you, what do you think of a new CoD taking place again in the 2nd World War? Leave your opinion below!



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