Cocteau Twins’ new exhibition “Heaven Or Las Vegas” will arrive in Los Angeles


The exhibition opened yesterday next month at the Heaven store.

This weekend (November 11), a new exhibition dedicated to the classic Cocteau Twins album “Heaven Or Las Vegas” opened in Los Angeles.

The temporary exhibition opened on Friday evening and will last until December 11 at Marc Jacobs’ Heaven store in Los Angeles.

He will be part of a new collection created by the band and Heaven, and for the first time will present the iconic album cover created by Paul West.

The exhibition will also feature a number of memorabilia related to the recording and promotion of the album, as well as a new capsule collection of Jacobs, which includes clothing and accessories.

While the Cocteau Twins have been inactive since their breakup in 1997, a couple of their members have recently announced themselves with new solo projects.

Earlier this year, vocalist Elizabeth Fraser created the Sun’s Signature project with her partner, former Spiritualized and Echo and Bunnymen drummer Damon Rees. The first song of the project”, “Golden Air”, became Fraser’s first new music in 13 years. Then on June 18, the eponymous EP was released on the Partisan label in honor of the Music Store Day.

Fraser’s last single was “Moses” in 2009, although she has been actively collaborating with other artists since then. Last year she joined Oneohtrix Point Never in a new version of his track “Tales From The Trash Stratum”. In 2020, she teamed up with Sigur Rós frontman Jonsi, recording his track Cannibal.

Earlier this year, former Cocteau Twins guitarist Robin Guthrie also released a new EP called Springtime, which consists of four instrumental tracks.

The EP was released on January 4 on Soleil Après Minuit for his 60th birthday, which was his first release of the year. “Springtime” follows a fruitful 2021 for the musician, who released two four-track EP’s with “Riviera” in December and “Mockingbird Love” in October.


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